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In Praise of Rails REST, MVC and Conventions

There was a time where Rails conventions were more closely followed. Here is a gentle reminder of some of the well-known and accepted benefits of staying on the rails of convention.


Rails Rumble 2013: Team Phaser Beam!

We have a Team! Last year my entire family participated in the Rails Rumble. We built a garage sale app called MayMySales and had a fun time doing it! In 2008 (“BidBuildBill”) and 2009 (“AffiliApp”), I entered solo. Having a team is much more fun than going solo for 48 hours. So, in the spirit of […]

Launch with Bugs

37signals is the poster-child for recurring-revenue SaaS apps. They have several blockbuster successes, most notably Basecamp. The […]

RubyConf 2012: Matz’s Keynote, “Reinventhing Wheels of Future”

I had a great time at RubyConf 2012. Matz kicked it off with a good, short talk on the importance of being happy. Here are some notes from that talk. – big crowd – warm welcome – “I’m a happy programmer.” […]

Rails Rumble!

For Rails Rumble 2012 we made Here’s the About Us that the kids wrote: “Made in 2012 by a team of four people (and their special forces monkeys), MapMySales was originally designed as an entry for […]

The Ember.js Todos Demo Application: app.js

In the last post, we looked at the Ember demo app, Todos.  We got it installed on our local development environment and had fun creating, completing, and deleting todos. In the next few posts I’d like to walk through the code.  We’ll start with app/lib/app.js. The Ember app comes to life via instantiating Ember.Application, extending […]

The Ember.js Todos Demo Application

Ember is “a JavaScript framework for creating ambitious web applications that eliminates boilerplate and provides a standard application architecture.”  Said another way, it’s a framework which takes the typical tedium and spaghetti-code out of jQuery-heavy apps.  Ember is especially strong at keeping DOM elements in sync with each other and in sync with underlying data. […]